Rigobert: Next elections will be a turning point in local political history

Rigobert: Next elections will be a turning point in local political history

The leader of the opposition, Doctor Gale Rigobert, believes that the next general elections will prove to be a “definitive” turning point in Saint Lucia’s political history.

With mere hours to go before the opposition United Workers Party, UWP, holds its convention to elect a new executive, Rigobert told the Times that notwithstanding what she described as “the colourful exchanges” that have taken place in the past few months, the UWP is a formidable party.

“When the dust will have settled bin the days to come, supporters, members and friends of the party will rally together around one vision, one purpose, one core,” she asserted.

According to Rigobert, who is also the MP for Micoud North, that oneness of purpose is to offer effective opposition, and prepare the UWP to win the next elections when Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony would see it fit to call them.

She expressed the opinion that the UWP is well poised to regain the reign of leadership and governance of this country.

Rigobert is one of two deputy political leaders of the UWP, seeking to retain her position at the upcoming UWP convention.

She has expressed confidence that the delegates will reelect her.

“I ask delegates of the UWP to reflect on my own performance over the past two years and to give me a mandate that will allow me to continue to offer effective opposition, questioning the policies of government asking pertinent questions, protecting the interests of all Saint Lucians and ensuring that there are proper checks and balances on the policies, initiatives and actions of the reigning government,” she told the Times.

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  1. Kimber
    November 14, 2015 at 6:07 pm Reply

    The delegates also know that you were being led astray by the gangster 8 undermining your leader. Its good to see you have come to your senses the the trust factor would have been bruised. Who in their right mind would listen to the gibberish of the catherine sealys and the mary poliuses. You were well on track until you associated with the gang of destruction. Now you see they have no friends in their quest of destruction. The try to screw you by secretly indoctrinating Sarah. But in a few weeks the delegates will finish weeding out those dirty bags from the uwp.

  2. Joe
    November 15, 2015 at 5:52 am Reply

    What a clown. Chastanet has absolutely no support from St Lucians and will be CRUSHED at the next election if confirmed as political leader of the UWP.
    A power hungry incompetent with acolytes and cheap party hacks supporting him for their own purposes. None of the jokers around him have any charisma or support and are not representative of even the UWP much less St Lucia.
    Rigobert has no national backing with her bowling ball look and no track record of any worth.

    We have Kenny till 2021 with these clueless tired incompetents in the UWP.

  3. Amen
    November 30, 2015 at 8:51 pm Reply

    Yes Jo. So you want us to continue with the self-centered, egoistic and stalinistic Kenny.
    He seems to regret that he could not be a 17th. century Massa, so he is busy trying to transform Saint Lucia into a 21st. century plantation!
    His boo boo after boo boo are not because of ignorance, but out of arrogance. Like Hitler, he thinks he is the ultimate human being, and all of us are lesser mortals!
    We saw that in him as early as 1963 when he entered V.F.S.S!

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