Victorious Chastanet pays tribute to “Sister Sarah!”

Victorious Chastanet pays tribute to “Sister Sarah!”

A victorious United Workers Party,UWP,” leader, Allen Chastanet, has paid tribute to his challenger, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun whom he addressed as “Sister Sarah”, for her “incredible courage” and “kind words”, as the party convention ended today at the Gros Islet Secondary School.

“ I say to her I open my hand, I open my arms and I am prepared to work with her because I believe she has a contribution to make,” Chastanet told convention delegates to thunderous applause.

Flood-Beaubrun had earlier told the convention to loud applause and cheers, that the democratic process had spoken and that she was pleased to accept the results.

“I would like to congratulate the political leader, Allen Chastanet, the Deputies and the new executive and I pledge my full support,” she declared, adding that she would work as hard as she can with the new leadership of the party to ensure a resounding victory at the next elections.

Chastanet for his part declared that had it not been for team, there would be no win.

However he asserted that the team needs to become stronger.

“You cannot have peace if you approach a man with a fist. You can only shake a man’s hand with an open hand, and today I say to all the people who are not believers in what the United Workers Party is doing but you are members, I open my hands I say to you, come on the train and join us,” the UWP leader said.

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  1. joe
    November 16, 2015 at 1:52 pm Reply

    Sarah is a classy courageous woman. Even as that scamp Guy Joseph tried to attack her she kept on campaigning and in defeat has shown how much respect we must show St Lucian women.

    In defeat she has brought more unity to the UWP than all the failed pretenders.
    Unfortunately I still do not think that the party can win with Chastanet. Too much baggage and a bad attitude.

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