King takes issue with Mary Isaac statement

King takes issue with Mary Isaac statement

Former Prime Minister and sitting MP for Castries North, Honourable Stephenson King, has described a statement by newcomer of the UWP Mary Isaac as offensive, divisive, confrontational and cantankerous.

Miss Issac who was at the time delivering the “thank you address “during the 39th convention of the opposition UWP took a swipe at Mr. King saying ‘which former Prime Minister sits among ordinary delegates ……’ mirroring the theme of the keynote speaker of the convention Sir James Mitchel, that “Caribbean politicians have difficulty in deciding when to pack up and bow out of politics”.

Mr. King viewed the remarks by Miss Isaac as a personal attack on him and asserted that the statement was unfortunate, coming at a time when there is an ongoing attempt at reconciliation with disaffected members of the party.

Two weeks ago several members of the party including Mr. King wrote to Party Leader Allan Chastanet ahead of the convention seeking an audience with him, in an attempt to resolve a lingering rift within the fifty year old organization.

Mr. King has served in Parliament for three terms and is the only member of the team of successful UWP candidates who increased his winning margin during the last general election.

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  1. Theo Jean
    November 17, 2015 at 6:47 am Reply

    King has to be a joker. Whilst the comment made by Isaac was out of place, it was not untrue. This man keeps citing his “35 years” in politics. That is a very long time. What has he got to show from it. If he were to leave now, what is his legacy. Come on King, you are now an impediment to progress. Step aside and invest those skills you think you have elsewhere.

  2. LB
    November 19, 2015 at 12:36 pm Reply

    Regardless. Ms Isaac is totally out of place and disrespectful. She has fallen in my eyes!! She should be the bigger person and apologise to both to Mr King, AND Mr Mitchell, for her insensitive remarks.

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