Saint Lucia government condemns “cowardly” terrorist attack in France

Saint Lucia government condemns “cowardly” terrorist attack in France

The government of Saint Lucia has extended its deepest sympathy to the families of those who lost loved ones in the recent coordinated terrorist attacks on the French capital, Paris, that left over one hundred people dead.

A statement today from Deputy Prime Minister, Philip J. Pierre, said the pain and anguish felt by those who lost loves ones must be great.

“We condemn all acts of violence and terrorism and abhor these cowardly forms of aggression against innocent lives,” Pierre told a news conference this morning at the conference room of his Ministry.

He said that the Saint Lucia government stands in solidarity with the French people and the entire global community in condemning terrorism as a perversion of their core human values.

Pierre observed that Saint Lucia shares strong historical and cultural ties with the people of France as a member of La Francophie and continues to enjoy close cultural, economic and social relations with France, particularly through the French overseas territories of Martinique and Guadeloupe.

“The government of Saint Lucia is assured that those who perpetrated these horrible acts will be caught and reap the consequences of their deadly and cowardly behavior,” Pierre asserted.

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