Security beefed up at French Embassy in Saint Lucia after Paris attacks

Security beefed up at French Embassy in Saint Lucia after Paris attacks

Security has been increased at the French Embassy at Vigie after the recent coordinated terrorist attacks in the French capital, Paris, French Ambassador, Eric De La Moussaye, has told the Times.

“We are in Saint Lucia which is not a country with as much risk as in Europe, but we must always pay attention because you know we are targets everywhere for terrorists,” the French Diplomat said.

Eric De La Moussaye

Moussaye disclosed that the French Embassy here had requested that the Saint Lucia government assist with security and the administration had responded, indicating that it was willing to put in place all the measures that were suggested.

He told the Times that messages of sympathy from Saint Lucia were very important.

Asked about fears that Muslim extremism could be on the rise in the Caribbean with reports that Trinidadian nationals have joined the terrorist organization, ISIS, Moussaye said Muslim people are friends.

“We have no problem with any religion; the problem is extremists – the people who say they are Muslims and commit acts of terror. We are concerned about that,” the French Diplomat told the Times.

The French Embassy held a minute of silence today in memory of the more than one hundred persons killed in the Paris attacks.

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