Former SVG PM dared UWP Ministers to dissolve parliament and call elections

Former SVG PM dared UWP Ministers to dissolve parliament and call elections

Former Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister, Sir James Mitchell, has recalled that he challenged United Workers Party, UWP, Ministers during a time of internal dissension in the then government, to dissolve parliament and go back to the polls.

Mitchell told the UWP convention on Sunday that this happened at the time when then Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Sir John Compton, was very ill.

According to Mitchell, he went to meet with the Ministers at the Sandals Regency at La Toc to discuss Sir John’s impending demise and how they could move forward.

He said it was the first time he was talking publicly about those events.

“I said let me tell you, if all of you in here who shouting feel you are so strong and you demanding this and you demanding that, dissolve the parliament and go back to the polls without Sir John and see how you will get through,” Mitchell said to applause from convention attendees.

He asserted that a lot of political successors make mistakes.

“Patrick Manning once got up in Trinidad and called himself father of the nation, and all those fat women in the PNM in Trinidad and said you taking over from our Eric Williams who fathered the nation, we ain’t putting you in government , and he lost,” the former Prime Minister declared.

He noted that certain leaders, whether in business or politics, create a brand.

“You better live with that brand and learn how to work the brand,” Mitchell said.


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