PM dismisses claims that Police anti-crime zeal dampened by IMPACS report

PM dismisses claims that Police anti-crime zeal dampened by IMPACS report

Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, has rejected suggestions that the zeal with which the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, RSLPF, is pursuing criminals, has diminished as a result of the IMPACS report.

“I don’t buy that argument,” Anthony declared.

However he admitted that there are Police Officers who have been “distracted” by the report which has presented challenges for the leadership of the RSLPF to deal with the outcome of the document, which is based on an investigation into alleged extra-judicial killings by some Police Officers.

Anthony said it must be borne in mind that the Police Force is generally in the dark about the report, because it has not been made available.

The Prime Minister read excerpts of the document during a national television address on March 8 this year.

“I would imagine that those who assume that they are affected by the report may be concerned, they may be overwhelmed. But I would say that there is a genuine attempt by the vast majority of Police Officers to push the anti-crime agenda,” Anthony said, noting that in recent time there have been some “important successes.”

He pointed to the recent discovery of a substantial amount of cocaine and arrests that have been made in connection with a series of rapes.

According to the Prime Minister, the vast majority of Police Officers are very decent people who are anxious to do their work and keen to apply the law in the manner they have been trained to do.

Nevertheless, he said he would accept that there are some Officers who would be distracted by the current events and concerns over the IMPACS report.

“That is not unreasonable given the circumstances of the issues posed by that report,” Anthony asserted.

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