Former Minister concerned about delays in dealing with failed culvert

Former Minister concerned about delays in dealing with failed culvert

Former Communications and Works Minister, Guy Joseph, has expressed concern about what he feels is the tardiness of the authorities in addressing the problem of a failed culvert along the Castries Gros Islet highway near the J.Q Mall.

As a result of the situation, Joseph believes that an alternative route other than the Gros Islet road is critical.

“That is why when the Prime Minister says that they are going to spend another $150 million to create another two lanes of traffic, I am wondering why this money cannot be spent to create another road somewhere because if anything something happens, whether you have a double lane or the single lane, there will be is a major lockdown of traffic to the North of the Island, “the former Minister asserted.

According to him, pending money in an area that does not bring an alternative route is very questionable.

“After Hurricane Tomas in 2010, look at what had happened to the bridge at Choc and by the Monday morning we were able to open the Choc bridge and by the Monday afternoon we were able to open the Bois D’orange bridge to allow normal traffic to the North of the Island,” Joseph recalled of the time when the United Workers Party, UWP, government was in office.

He felt that should the opinion of Engineers and Contractors involved in emergency work be sought, they would indicate that the problem with the failed culvert in the North of the Island could have been fixed much quicker.

“Imagine a businessman having to transport a forty foot container, where does he pass,” Joseph asked.

Nevertheless, he acknowledged that no blame could be laid for what happened to the culvert, since Saint Lucia has an ageing road infrastructure.

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  1. joe
    November 18, 2015 at 3:31 pm Reply

    I find it very hard to take anything said by this character Guy Joseph with any degree of seriousness.
    He has a “cacanez” mentality or gutter mentality in the english language.
    His tenure in politics has caused nothing but aggravation to the society and he has shown nothing in return for the over $600,000 that was paid to him as a Minister between 2006 -2011.
    Aside from his incompetence as a Minister we have the division he created and supported during that time period and the allegations of impropriety that have dogged him from that same time period.

    Why would the voters of South East Castries vote for such a dispicable scamp?
    Why would the citizens not make it known how much he destroys our quality of life?
    Why is he even taken seriously to have an article written about his sounding off just for political points?
    The UWP is in serious trouble if he and the manchild Chastanet are the best that can be offered for the furure.

  2. Gene Smith
    November 19, 2015 at 4:58 pm Reply

    And you can take everything Kenny Anthony says seriously ? You are a very bias Red eyed individual. Can you honestly give Kenny Anthony a pass on all that has happened in the past and is still happening in our beloved country ? You should belong to the Ostrich Organization of Saint Lucia.

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