Former Saint Lucia High Commissioner to London questions Juffali appointment

Former Saint Lucia High Commissioner to London questions Juffali appointment

Former Saint Lucia High Commissioner to London, Eldridge Stephens, deeming the current Walid Juffali affair a source of embarrassment to this country, has called on the Saint Lucia government to clear the air on the issue.

Juffali, the Chairman of one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest conglomerates, has been serving as Saint Lucia’s Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization, IMO, which gives him diplomatic immunity in Britain.

But the Saint Lucia government has refused to waive his immunity to facilitate legal proceedings against him by his wife.

Former Saint Lucia High Commissioner to London, Eldridge Stephens, has recalled that during his tenure, Saint Lucia had no Ambassador to the IMO.

The former Diplomat said that he, a member of his staff, or a representative from the Saint Lucia Air and Seaports Authority, SLASPA, attended IMO meetings.

”There was really no need for someone given the amount of work we do with the IMO in terms of maritime affairs. I don’t know that we had such volume to appoint someone specifically. Not only someone but to have a non-national specifically hired for that position,” Stephens asserted.

The former Diplomat said there may be need to look a lot deeper into how Juffali’s appointment came about.

He revealed that during his time there was no shortage of individuals approaching governments to obtain honourary positions.

However Stephens said that the policy of the then United Workers Party government was to tread very cautiously.

According to reports, there is no record of Juffali attending any meetings of the IMO since his appointment in April 2014.

It has also been reported that he does not possess any known qualifications in maritime law.

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  1. Amen
    November 20, 2015 at 9:15 pm Reply

    This appointment was made more than one and a half years ago and we are, only now getting to know about it. This goes to show how Kenny Anthony regards St. Lucia as his personal property.

    The fact that Juffali has not attended any meeting of the I.M.O. is a real joke and an insult.

    The more they say that these appoints will cost us nothing, the more suspicious I become regarding the motive(s).

  2. Marie-Celia
    November 21, 2015 at 12:45 am Reply

    This story becomes more interesting and it would be even mire hrlpful to find out whether he is paid by the St Lucia Government, if so, how much. If not, what benefits are he getting, other than Diplomatic immunity? From what we see here, it appears that he may have been preparing for such asylum when he sought that post. Rathet than speculating, this is a matter that we all should demsnd answers for.

  3. Wasin St Lucie
    November 23, 2015 at 3:20 pm Reply

    They say if you live in a glass house you should not throw stones. This former HC to London was invited to an auction in London where St Lucian artefacts were being sold by the family of the late Colin Tennant. He was present at the auction in London according to Bonhams the auction house. So you see he is not in any position to say anything on this matter. The Archaeological society of St Lucia is calling for the return of the items sold in London. This story was featured on your blog- St Lucia Times which I read.

    Why didn’t he seek to clarify with the society’s chairman Eric Brandford before attending this event in 2011? The customs dept. of St Lucia cleared the ancient relics of the past which was sold at the auction. The auction took place in september 2011 when he was then St Lucia’s High Commissioner to LOndon.

    Both ex High Commissioners have committed faux pas during their tenure in London.One offered a diplomatic post to an Arab billionaire and the other one was present when St Lucian artefacts were being sold lock stock and barrel to anyone with lots of money.Politicians need to look within first before they look without. This man cannot be throwing stones while he is living in a glass house. That is why I am not getting involved with politics period. These Politicians are all the same. Labour, UWP, LPM- Yoe toute say mem.. So Before you criticize you must realise sir. ..And finally had you still been in London and the opportunity arose you would have done the same. You politicians need to start putting St Lucia’s interests first. Stop allowing foreigners call the shots… You would have allowed this Arab man to represent our country at the ILO….so Bare.

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