Former Saint Lucia National Security Minister sounds warning after terrorist attacks

Former Saint Lucia National Security Minister sounds warning after terrorist attacks

Former National Security Minister, Guy Mayers, has warned that Saint Lucia and other small Island states have to be on security alert, following the recent coordinated terrorist attacks in the French capital, France, that left over one hundred people dead.

“We have to be very careful as small Island states with water all around where it is so easy for people to move around, and the little Island of Saint Lucia can easily be used by persons with criminal intent.” Mayers told the Times.

He said the events in Paris reflect the concerns shared while he served as Minister of National Security and Chairman of the Regional Security System, RSS, that even from the time of the terrorist group, Al Qaeda, there were persons within the Caricom region that had been recruited by the Al Qaeda arrangement.

Mayers felt that the situation was even more complicated now with ISIS, which has claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks.

“Those people will stop at nothing to achieve their goals,” he asserted, adding that people will try all means of moving around.

“We just need to be extra careful that our Island is not used, just as it is used sometimes for drugs, as a transshipment point for terrorists,” the former Minister warned.

He said it must be remembered that Saint Lucia sits next to Martinique.

“We have visa free entry into Martinique and how easy it is to go from Saint Lucia on a fishing boat to Martinique, and once you are in Martinique, you are right into Europe,” Mayers noted.

Mayers, who is also Chairman of the opposition United Workers Party, UWP, has expressed condolences on behalf of the party and his family, to the victims of the Paris attacks.


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