Martinique to work closer with OECS on improving transportation

Martinique to work closer with OECS on improving transportation

Martinique says it plans to work closer with the OECS to improve regional transportation.

Dr. Jean Crusol, President of the Economic Affairs Commission in Martinique says changes to the legal framework are needed.

“Transport, we cannot co-operate if we do not develop our transport system, maritime transport, air transport and we already have some developments in certain parts of the Caribbean so we have to create the legislative conditions for this system of transport to develop itself.

St Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris speaking at the close of the OECS Heads of Government Meeting said the state of regional transportation is unacceptable

“I think what we have done was to signal where or citizens and residents are. These affairs the continuing inability of LIAT to show the kinds of improvements that we would like to see and the major challenge to the integration process of having an unreliable air transport available to us in air and efficiency in relations to transportation by sea and cargo etc.”

Dr Harris meanwhile says study is needed before taxes can be reduced on regional flights.

“And so we haven’t taken that off the table as an idea, it is something which of course has to be studied within our various jurisdictions and argument has been made about reducing that and what that can do to the totalities of revenues etc. but it is an issue that requires consideration.”

OECS Chairman and Grenadian Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell says taxes must be reduced at the CARICOM level.

“So it has to be a regional issue, a Caricom issue not just and OECS one so even if we reduce the OECS and the taxes remain high in Barbados and whatever kind of countries it is still a problem so it has to be a uniform thing.



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