Allen Chastanet says Ausbert Regis got his facts wrong

Allen Chastanet says Ausbert Regis got his facts wrong

United Workers Party, UWP, leader, Allen Chastanet, has refuted claims made yesterday by former Police Commissioner, Ausbert Regis, to the effect that a policy decision Chastanet made contributed to Canada imposing visa requirements for holders of Saint Lucian passports.

Regis  had said that Chastanet’s decision to scrap outgoing immigration checks to facilitate hassle free tourism, resulted in a number of persons entering Saint Lucia and leaving with false  passports for Canada, raising concerns in that country and leading to the imposition of the visa requirement.

In a statement to the Times, Chastanet, a former Tourism Minister, said he was flattered that the Labour Party administration continues to suggest that he was running the government at the time.

But he asserted that this was far from the truth.

According to the UWP leader, there were people going to Canada before the UWP entered office in 2007, during the time of the UWP government, and after the administration left office in 2011.

Chastanet recalled that there were two main areas that those persons were using to claim asylum in Canada – being gay and being persecuted in Saint Lucia, and being a woman and undergoing abuse.

He disclosed that there was even an organization here that was assisting women to get to Canada and obtain asylum.

“I don’t recall there was ever an issue with regard to false passports and so Mr. Regis is arguing against his own statements,” Chastanet declared.

He said:

“If in fact the Canadians were concerned about whatever we were doing and we implemented that policy since 2007 and we remained in office until 2011, why did the Canadians wait until 2013 to make any visa restriction changes?”

The former Tourism Minister said he is very proud of the stint the UWP had in office, and of the fact that the then government was seeking to facilitate people without compromising security, since that is the name of the game today.

He told the Times that when he leaves the US, Canada and Europe, he does not go through passport control.

Chastanet asserted that passport control is an added security feature but not one that is necessarily going to capture the kinds of people that Mr. Regis is talking about.

“It would appear that Mr. Regis seems to have his facts wrong, but I forgive him because I know he has been out of his position for a very long time and it is difficult for people to remember that far back,” the UWP leader told the Times.

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  1. Joe
    November 24, 2015 at 11:42 am Reply

    Still cannot understand why Sarah Flood is working with this joker who cannot even find a seat in Parliament.
    She has the best image and reputation in politics in this country but is working with this waste of time and manchild.

    Every day exposes his huge level of incompetence and inability to run even a cabaway.
    Whereever he has worked it is someone else who has protected him from his incompetence.
    Poor UWP.

    SARAH FLOOD. Save your reputation and leave these clowns.

  2. Nice
    November 24, 2015 at 2:07 pm Reply

    Chastanet is blithering moron.

  3. jas
    November 24, 2015 at 2:21 pm Reply

    I never expected Chastanet to admit it. Mr. Regis said that the decision by Chastanet contributed. He never said it was the only reason. Yes the fake gays contributed, yes the so-called abuse women contributed and so did the decision by Allen Chastanet.

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