Housing Minister chides DPP

Housing Minister chides DPP

Housing Minister, Stanley Felix, has called on the Director of Public Prosecutions, Victoria Charles-Clarke, to step down if she cannot do what is right and in the interest of Saint Lucia.

Addressing tonight’s Castries Market steps rally of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party, SLP, Felix said that as a government, the current administration acted and did everything it was supposed to in looking into allegations against the former government.


“We looked into the allegations and that is why we have the report indicating all of the funds that were misappropriated during the reign of the last government. It is now for the DPP to act,” he declared.

“I will say it again tonight. I would issue a cry on behalf of the people of Saint Lucia. I Stanley Felix, Minister in the SLP government, resident of Castries Central, Citizen of this country,  I ask you Madame DPP to issue a statement on the report that is before you; we want it ,the people want it. It is only fair that you do what is just and right in the interest of this country. If you can’t do that I suggest you resign, retire or just quit,” the Housing Minister asserted.

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