John Compton Dam rehabilitation project launched

John Compton Dam rehabilitation project launched

A major project to rehabilitate the John Compton dam was launched today, with a promise that the initiative will bring substantial benefits to Saint Lucia.

The project is expected to improve the reliability of the water supply during the dry season and thereby improve public health to the residents and their overall quality of life, and reduce disruption and the losses experienced by existing businesses and schools affected by water shortages in the dry season.

Officials at today’s launch also said it will facilitate economic growth in the north by increasing water availability, as well as provide employment for at least forty people during the construction.

In addition, the project is aimed at improving the resilience of the John Compton dam to sedimentation caused by heavy rainfall.

The Roseau Water shed and the reservoir behind the John Compton Dam should provide water security for approximately 93,000 residents in the Northern Districts of Castries, Gros Islet and part of Anse La Raye.

These areas contain much of the nationally essential economic and social infrastructure of Saint Lucia, making the sustainable operation of the John Compton Dam a critical link to the overall sustainability of the Saint Lucia economy.

Apart from the dam rehabilitation work, the project includes components which will address gender inclusion in Wasco policies, climate resilience planning for the water sector, and financial management  within Wasco.

The Caribbean Development Bank is funding the project as its seventh intervention in Saint Lucia’s water sector.



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