Allen Chastanet criticizes Leo Clarke over comments about Walid Juffali

Allen Chastanet criticizes Leo Clarke over comments about Walid Juffali

United Workers Party, UWP, leader, Allen Chastanet, has criticized the General Secretary of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party, SLP, Leo Clarke, over comments made about the appointment of Doctor Walid Juffali as this country’s Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization, IMO.

According to Chastanet, for Clarke to make a comparison between Juffali and Hollywood Actor, Stephen Segal, shows that the SLP has absolutely no concern for Saint Lucia’s reputation.

Segal was appointed some years ago as Saint Lucia’s Cultural Ambassador.

Chastanet, a former Tourism Minister, told the Times that in the instance of Segal, all Saint Lucians were advised and a public announcement was made at the Saint Lucia jazz Festival where it was made clear that the Actor had been made a Cultural Ambassador.

“It was no different to Nina Compton who was made an ambassador for Saint Lucia and all and sundry knew,” the UWP leader asserted.

He further stated that he knows for a fact that Segal’s appointment was something that was approved not by Allen Chastanet, but by cabinet.

“I am not even sure nor can any Saint Lucian be sure that Doctor Jaffali’s appointment was approved by cabinet,” Chastanet told the Times.

“We only found out about eighteen months after the fact and we don’t know like Grynberg, whether it went to cabinet and we certainly know that it did not go to parliament,” he observed.

Chastanet said for the SLP General Secretary to come out and make such statements is irresponsible and continuing the lie that is being perpetrated by the ruling authorities.

“Saint Lucians need to take this thing very seriously because they are playing with the reputation of this country,” he asserted.




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