DPP says information in IMPACS report not in accordance with local laws

DPP says information in IMPACS report not in accordance with local laws

Saint Lucia’s Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP, Victoria Charles-Clarke, told a news conference today that the information she received in the IMPACS report based on the investigation into alleged extra judicial killings by Police Officers, did not conform to the laws of Saint Lucia.

As a result, Charles-Clarke disclosed that she had written to the Minister of Home Affairs and the Attorney General on the matter.

According to the DOP, she has requested that there be compliance with section 3:7 of the Police Complaints act amendment.

“What I read in the document comprised of opinions, commentary, summaries, recommendations and  of course there were some serious allegations of some of the gravest offences under our criminal code.,” the DPP asserted.

She made it clear that the document did not constitute evidence as required under the evidence act.

Charles-Clarke’s comments come amid a controversy that has erupted over calls by an obviously frustrated Housing Minister, Stanley Felix, for her to resign or retire if she cannot act in the interest of this country in connection with the IMPACS report and an investigation into Town and Village Councils under the former administration.

The DPP said it was only in September when she was on vacation that she was able to give attention to the IMPACS report, as she had been busy attending to a number of cases in court.

She disclosed that hundreds of cases occupied her time.

Charles-Clarke also told the news conference that the manner in which the IMPACS report was sent to her was “unconventional.”

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