Stanley Felix says he has nothing to apologize for in comments about DPP

Stanley Felix says he has nothing to apologize for in comments about DPP

Housing Minister, Stanley Felix, has said that he does not believe he did anything that warrants an apology in Wednesday evening’s call for the resignation or retirement of Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP, Victoria Charles-Clarke.

Felix, an Attorney at Law by profession, issued the call during a public meeting of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party, SLP, on the Castries Market steps.

“I was very respectful and I have utmost respect for the office of the DPP, but I do not believe I did anything that warrants an apology; there is absolutely no reason to apologize. I exercised my democratic right to free speech, a right guaranteed under the constitution,” the Minister said during the Radio Caribbean International, RCI, call-in programme – Newsspin today.

According to Felix, nowhere in his comments did he refer to the IMPACS report.

He said his comments were about the financial review of Town and Village Councils under the former United Workers Party, UWP, administration.

“As a Minister of Government, as a citizen of this country, as a resident of Castries Central, I too had concerns and I had to echo the voice of the people who were clamoring for a statement. No statement was forthcoming,” Felix explained.

He declared that as a Public Servant, the DPP is ultimately accountable to the people.

Said Felix:

“If resources were an issue why is the Lambirds matter before the court and it is costing the country a million dollars and counting? Why is it that she requested that all 60 or so witnesses be called to give evidence in court? That takes time and resources. So I don’t get it. Her comments are contradictory.”

He said he had spoken his mind, on behalf of his conscience and for the people of Saint Lucia.


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  1. Lincoln Pascal
    November 27, 2015 at 1:51 am Reply

    Stanley Felix’s statement is absurd. You guys said that this guy is a Lawer but he must have purchased that degree. The guy is an idiot. A con artist. He is unauthentic. A fake. Can’t believe that this guy is a Minister. Don’t worry the Labor party will soon be out of office. There should be no more excuses because they have been in office for thee years now. The Labor party ran an Election campaign on the premise that they were the massiahs who were going to save St.Lucia and all they have do done is unleashed precipitous taxes on the people. No wonder why the economy has yet to rebound. My god!! The Labor party has no consensus or mercy. They must go. I still don’t understand why anyone supports that party.

  2. Anonymous
    November 27, 2015 at 1:51 pm Reply

    Oh please.! You spoke and exercised your democratic right for your sole interest and the Labor party. Who do you think you are fooling? You guys created that whole Impacts shit for political gains. I just have yet to comprehend why The St.Lucia Labor Party would have the Jamaican Police Force investigate our Police Officers in St.lucia. This is just too absurd. The Jamaican Police Force is corrupt and cannot handle their own issues. You guys think that St.Lucians are stupid/? I mean really!!! I still cannot believe why an individual in their right minds supports such Con artist like Stantley Felix.

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