WASCO’s Slow Response Attracts Public Criticism

WASCO’s Slow Response Attracts Public Criticism

WASCO’s response time in fixing broken pipes that are wasting water is under fire from the public.

In a message received by the Times around 5:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon, November 25, a complaint was made by a concerned citizen about WASCO’s response time regarding the fixing of a broken mains pipe which was spewing water from morning (headline picture).

According to the citizen, WASCO was called from that same morning to fix the broken line located on the access road to the Sol Gas Station on the Millenium Highway, but no response was forthcoming.

In the message the citizen says: “Such a waste and some communities have no water. WASCO needs to…stop this waste.”

In their words, WASCO’s fault line was not answered.

The pipe was then closed by WASCO very late into the night, reports say.

This does not seem to be an isolated incident, as on that same day, what appeared to be a broken underground pipeline was seen pouring water onto the streets of Chaussee Road in Castries. On that occasion, persons also complained that WASCO’s response was slow.

Just earlier this month WASCO acknowledged that ongoing industrial action by daily paid workers represented by the National Workers Union, NWU, may affect its response to reports of leakages in the utility’s pipelines.

Managing Director, Vincent Hippolyte disclosed that the employees who are engaged in the industrial action are from the section that takes care of maintenance and repairs to pipelines.


Chaussee Rroad broken water mains



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