Sagicor unveils unique endowment plan to mark 175th anniversary

Sagicor unveils unique endowment plan to mark 175th anniversary

St. Lucia, November 27th, 2015 – To mark the launch of its 175th anniversary Sagicor announced the launch of the Sagicor 175 Endowment Plan. A unique limited time offer which represents another first from the regional insurance leader.

Speaking about the rationale for this latest innovation, D. Trevor Vigo, Sagicor’s Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Eastern Caribbean, said the new product was designed to commemorate the special anniversary, while also giving back to loyal customers who had been critical to Sagicor’s success and growth over the years.

The Sagicor 175 Endowment provides policyholders with a benefit payment after 25 years. Simply put, the plan not only provides life insurance coverage, but it also pays a lump sum at the end of the policy. The benefits to Sagicor customers include the accumulation of cash values from the fourth year onward that may be used as security for future cash requirements such as liquidating mortgage payments, education costs or even retirement income.

Vigo stated, “With our new 175 Endowment Plan, Sagicor has yet again enhanced its position as the regional market leader, and scored another first in the process, since a plan like this – with a maturity plus added bonus equivalent to 175% of the Sum Assured – has never before been offered in this market!”

Emphasizing the bonus element, Vigo added that the new Sagicor product was simply responding to the needs of its customers, who are looking for financial plans that meet their current needs and also facilitate long-term financial planning.

Sagicor’s security and stability as a trusted provider of wise investments throughout its 175 year history was also underscored by Vigo, who noted that these were qualities for which the company was renowned throughout its history.

“For 175 years, Sagicor has been providing trusted insurance solutions to our clients in the Eastern Caribbean and across the region. Throughout our history, security and stability have been the foundation of the company; and today, 175 years later, we remain committed to providing our clients with solutions which reflect prudent, wise financial thinking.”

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