Police rule out foul play in Tomazo death

Police rule out foul play in Tomazo death

Foul play has been ruled out in in the discovery this morning of the dead body of a female in a bar at Tomazo, Saint Lucia Police have told the Times.

The woman has been identified as Turnancia Evans.

According to reports, she was thirty-three years old.

The body was discovered at about 9 O’ clock this morning.

Police have said that they are treating the incident as a sudden death.

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  1. Observer
    November 28, 2015 at 7:37 pm Reply

    Totally unbelievable. No post mortem conduced yet in that death and especially under those circumstances the police aleady rule out foul play. There are countless things so wrong with such haste. Not suggesting anything but it shows that the relevant officers are still very naive about crime and its many intricacies

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