Saint Lucian drug mules – Security Expert warns of repercussions

Saint Lucian drug mules – Security Expert warns of repercussions

A Security Expert, speaking to the Times on condition of anonymity, has warned that local  drug mules may result  in some Saint Lucian passport holders undergoing greater scrutiny because .

This follows the recent arrest of three Saint Lucian drug mules in Guyana.

The three, two women and a man, were each carrying cocaine.

In the case of the man, the cocaine had been swallowed, while the women had hidden the drug in their vaginas.

According to the Security Expert, Drug Barons are using vulnerable individuals who are not technology savvy enough to know that X ray machines can detect ingested narcotics.

He expressed the opinion that because of stepped up security elsewhere, such as in Barbados, traffickers may be seeking alternative routes from South America through the Caribbean and up to North America or Europe.

“Guyana now appears to be the preferred route,” the Security Expert told the Times, adding that the fact that three Saint Lucians were recent held with cocaine may well result in locals being profiled when they travel.

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