Yoplait Cancer campaigns raise $60,000

Yoplait Cancer campaigns raise $60,000

Representatives of the National Community Foundation (NCF) and Faces of Cancer (a local cancer support organisation) were full of smiles on Wednesday November 25th following a brief presentation that Consolidated Foods Limited called to release the monies raised from the CFL Yoplait Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

This year, apart from the Yoplait Breast Cancer Walk and sales of yogurt, there were other opportunities through which the public was able to support the cause which raised a total of $60,000.

The National Community Foundation (NCF) received EC$42,000 or 70% of the total funds raised while the other 30% (EC$18,000) went to Faces of Cancer.

CFL’s Marketing Manager Sancha Raggie explained that there were many other ways for St. Lucians to participate no matter what their financial standing and that they did.

‘While there was a dip in the purchase of yogurts during the promotion period which we attribute to economic times we live in, we saw the outpouring of support and interest by the public in many other ways through donations at the cash register and purchase of the pink branded items sold at CFL stores. These additions, enabled us to bridge the gap and helped to enhance the overall figure,” said Ms. Raggie.

Ms. Raggie also noted the growing level of awareness of breast cancer including public interest in volunteering with the various Cancer support groups. This she says is one of the more important objectives of the campaign which is now in its eighth year. Since inception in 2008, CFL has raised and donated  EC $280,000 to cancer causes. The monies are used by the recipient organisations to assist women affected by cancer who need support with treatment and a range of other cancer interventions.

Both organisations were elated by the donations from CFL. They noted that cancer is on the rise and the cost of treatment is also increasing. Both emphasised the importance of continuing to educate and create awareness of how cancer can be prevented or managed.

The theme for the campaign this year was “Friends in the Fight”. During the cheque presentation ceremony CFL was full of praise for the outpouring of support from corporate friends through sponsorship of the events.  The sentiments were captured by Marketing Officer Taluah Girard who moved the vote of thanks.

“It is a real blessing when companies recognize the importance of such activities and decide to step in and help. This year we had a record number of sponsors who not only gave monies but also were very hands on at the walk. This is testimony to their understanding of the fight and what it requires to drive success” noted Ms. Girard.

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