Former Labour MP warns the ruling party that it is losing its way

Former Labour MP warns the ruling party that it is losing its way

Former Labour Party MP, Damian Greaves, has urged the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party, SLP, to engage in some sober introspection as it celebrates its 65th anniversary with a series of activities this weekend.

“It is Important as we look forward we engage in strategic foresight in some ways we are losing our way,” Greaves, who is a former Health Minister said.

Referring to the  ruling Labour Party as “my party”, he asserted that the SLP had a lot to celebrate, but can do better.

Making it clear that he would not seek to become a candidate in the next elections but stay in the background to assist in other ways, Greaves described the SLP’s 65th anniversary as an opportunity to bring the troops together.

He asserted that there are some people within the party who are not happy with what is going on right now.

The former MP spoke of the need for the SLP to go on a “charm offensive” to reach out to those individuals.

“Don’t leave them out in the cold and make people believe they are no longer relevant. Everyone has a contribution to make; this is not a time to engage in pushing people away,” he declared during today’s call in programme, “Newsspin”, aired on Radio Caribbean International, RCI.

Greaves warned that sometimes success can go to the head.

He asserted that one of the significant things the SLP is beginning to forget are those who walked the path before and who would have made a significant contribution.

In this regard the former MP mentioned persons like Cecile Lay, Cyprian Lansiquot, Felix Finisterre and Ferguson John – all former MPs, along with those who have made other contributions to the party but may now feel that they are not being taken into account.

Greaves also spoke of the need to educate the youth of the party.


  1. Carl
    December 1, 2015 at 12:44 am Reply

    Isnt that the approach that Allen Chastanet has taken and was chastized by some more so the labour party for doing so? Well Well Well. But Short Pants you are not the first. Tom has made that call and it has fallen on def ears. SLP is a tragedy waiting to happen.

  2. The Insider
    December 1, 2015 at 11:09 am Reply

    Carl obviously knows what he is saying. The amount of disaffection taking place within the SLP allbeit quietly for the time being, will surface in the weeks ahead, as a certain “new commer” continues to press for the eventual take over of the party leadership, in collaboration with the current leader and to the dismay and disgust of deputies. This sentiment against E arl H unteley? is so strong, and obviously being persued in earnest, that it resulted in information leaks out of certain New York and Rodney Bay offices with respect to stern US objection over the recent arbituary sale of the country’s diplomacy. Its a situation headed for the ammunition dump, with the party die-hards stooped in the shadows awaiting their move. There is also growing dissatisfaction and discontent emerging with the decision to dump certain candidates in preference to new recruits with the affected parties left uninformed and willowing in the dark as to their future status within the party. As they say film at 11!!!

  3. Harold Edwards
    December 1, 2015 at 8:07 pm Reply

    Sometimes leaders remain in office too long beyond they sell by date. Kenny has been overal a good servant to this country, he has made some mistakes , but overall he has been a good PM.
    The problem is that the people are now suffering from too much Kenny and it is time for him to bow out gracefully.

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