Guy Mayers blasts government for dismal performance

Guy Mayers blasts government for dismal performance

The Chairman of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP), Guy Mayers, has criticized the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), for a dismal performance over its four years in office.

“They had administered a regime for the last four years in which we have experienced negative growth,” Mayers, a former National Security Minister told a news conference this morning at the UWP Headquarters.

According to him, under the current administration there have also been reports of scandal after scandal.

He said the Labour government had imposed a series of taxes on the people at a time when the economy is down, while at the same time removing a number of subsidies that assisted the poor and needy.

Mayers mentioned the removal of the bus subsidy for school children and the removal of subsidies on rice, flour and sugar.

“At the same time they have implemented a fifteen percent VAT on the country which has significantly impacted on the business community and we note a number of business closures as a result,” the former Minister asserted.

Mayers also accused the Labour government of making certain appointments which have brought Saint Lucia into disrepute.

He announced that tomorrow and Thursday, the UWP will also be holding news conferences to address other issues with the current administration’s handling of the country’s affairs.


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