Human Rights Activist says DPP’s statement unacceptable

Human Rights Activist says DPP’s statement unacceptable

Human Rights Activist, Mary Francis, has described as unacceptable, the recent statement by Director of Public Prosecutions, Victoria Charles-Clarke, in relation to the IMPACS report.

“After such a long period of silence and calls. I am quite disturbed by her statement that the matter has not reached the threshold for a prosecution, “Francis told the Times,  while asking how long it took the DPP to reach that conclusion.

An obviously incensed Francis recalled that twelve men lost their lives as a result of being shot by the Police, and said that the families of the deceased deserve justice.

The outspoken Attorney at Law noted that the DPP had received the IMPACS report based on the investigation into the killings in March and if she did not have the time to peruse it, she must have at least known that certain elements were missing.

Said Francis:

“Why didn’t she say so before now?”

The Human Rights Activist said it is understood that the DPP’s Office is understaffed.

However she noted that the IMPACS matter was important and overtures were made to provide the office of the DPP with the resources necessary to get to the bottom of the case.

“The whole thing is unacceptable,” Francis declared, noting that the DPP had issued a statement on the IMPACS report only after Housing Minister, Stanley Felix, called on her to resign or retire if she could not act in the interest of the people in a report on the operations of Towns and Village Councils under the former government.

According to Francis, there was a degree of negligence because the IMPACS matter was not treated with the urgency required.

She asserted that the government has to be blamed as well, because although the DPP’sposition is independent, there is a difference between independence and accountability.

“ She is accountable to the state and the executive, so accountability requires that she should have broken her silence earlier  and put more importance and seriousness on the whole thing,” Francis told the Times.

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  1. Jano
    December 1, 2015 at 3:40 pm Reply

    Is this all that Mary Francis is interested in?! So many other innocent ppl that have died and she comes out to say Nothing. She doesn’t think that these other families deserve Justice too?! Choops. In just don’t understand how this lady operates!

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