Opposition leader says people and babies dying needlessly

Opposition leader says people and babies dying needlessly

Opposition leader, Doctor Gale Rigobert, has asserted that people and babies are dying needlessly as a result of the policies of the current Labour government.

“The Labour Government has failed to provide a viable sustainable and affordable health care service at all levels allowing for equitable access to even basic care,” Rigobert said.

She expressed the view that four years of Labour in power can be summarized in broken promises, failed policies, incompetence, and a dearth of innovative and people-centred interventions to ease the burden of the economic crisis on the people.

Rigobert also said that the legacy of the current Saint Lucia Labour Party government, will be the “complete annihilation “of the middle class.

“The middle class is fast disappearing or has near disappeared  over the past four years given the significant drop in their disposable income and a  dramatic weakening of their purchasing power’” she asserted.

According to her, small business owners have been forced to close their doors and send their employees home.

Rigobert, who is also the MP for Micoud North, accused the government of failing to provide for the people of this country.

“People have been further impoverished over the past four years because of a combination of failed economic policies and lack of compassion for the people of this land,” she said.

According to her, Labour will also be remembered for several fiascoes, among them the Lambirds affair, the Walid Juffali matter and the IMPACS controversy.

The opposition leader also accused the government of failing to provide an environment to create employment for young people and a robust social system to protect the most vulnerable such as the elderly and children.

“When a government has failed so dramatically to provide for its young it has effectively killed the future of this country,” Rigobert asserted.

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