Police officer foiled attack on bank?

Police officer foiled attack on bank?

A Special Police Constable who sustained burns on the hand yesterday when an assailant attempted to set him alight, may have foiled an attack on one of the banks in the Bridge Street area, reliable sources have told the Times.

The officer who apparently foiled the intended attack has been hailed as a hero by a Police official who spoke to the Times.

The Policeman has been identified as Constable 249 Palmar of the Traffic Department.

According to reports, Palmar had a confrontation with a man who was carrying a sprayer container like the ones used to spray pesticides on agricultural crops, on his back.

It is reported that the sprayer contained gasoline.

Details about what happened next are sketchy, but according to some reports, the man with the sprayer sprayed some gasoline on Palmar and attempted to set him alight with a cigarette lighter.

The Officer is reported to have struggled with the attacker, who fled after inflicting burns on the Officer’s hand.

Palmar and some other Police Officers who happened to be on patrol in the Bridge Street area gave chase and apprehended the assailant in the William Peter Boulevard, according to reports.

The man is now in custody, while Officer Palmar was treated at Victoria Hospital and discharged, according to a Police Official who when he spoke to the Times, was quite concerned that at the Time, the incident had not made the news nor had anyone called the talk shows to speak about the incident.

Nevertheless the official felt had it been a Police Officer who had injured a civilian, there likely would have been much talk about such an incident.



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  1. Anonymous
    December 1, 2015 at 11:02 am Reply

    This is such a lousy story

  2. Recall
    December 1, 2015 at 11:54 am Reply

    Kudos to him and well done, if he foiled an attempt however why does he care of it reaching the news before it’s actually looked into, doesn’t the RSLPF has PR for that? By the way, Isn’t the reward in doing what you are expected to do as an officer enough? Let people commend you when you do what is right, do not seek it!

    This officer unlike other more passionate officers have continuously terrorized vulnerable drivers on the street. His background needs to be investigated. He is also known to hold grudges towards certain drivers and continues to target and scrutinize them on the road. By now he is probably the most decorated traffic ticket officer on the road. His most hostile period of operation are between the months of October to Early December.

    I feel bad for all he has been through as of late, but it raises the question as to what really is he also involved in. Yes I am most definitely questioning his integrity as an officer.

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