SLP takes Allen Chastanet to task over “shocking, anti-Saint Lucian” comments

SLP takes Allen Chastanet to task over “shocking, anti-Saint Lucian” comments

The Saint Lucia Labour Party expresses its shock at the bizarre statements made by Mr. Allan Chastanet at his party’s press conference earlier this week.

The SLP describes Mr. Chastanet’s comments, that he will stop the Citizenship by Investment Programme if his demands are not met, as shocking and anti-Saint Lucian.

The SLP believes this statement is highly reckless and suggest desperation on the part of Mr. Chastanet to achieve political power even at the risk of destroying Saint Lucia.

The Party also called on Mr. Chastanet to get his facts right and stop pedaling untruths about Dr. Juffali, a representative of Saint Lucia, for the sake of seeking cheap political points.

Mr. Chastanet should know that when he destroys the reputation of our representatives and ambassadors then he is destroying Saint Lucia.

It is misleading to claim that Dr. Juffali did not attend 27 meetings when Mr. Chastanet should know that he was NOT required to attend these meetings.

These were meetings of technical committees and the Council for which Saint Lucia is not a member or needed to attend.

The SLP contends that if Mr. Chastanet were to depart from his reckless pursuit and examine the facts surrounding Dr. Juffali’s appointment, he will discover that Dr. Juffali was subjected to the strictest scrutiny and due diligence by reputable agencies, including the British Government, before he was granted diplomatic status in England.

The SLP contends further that Mr. Chastanet’s appointment of Steven Seagal as St. Lucia’s

Cultural Ambassador, during his term as Minister of Tourism, could not stand up to such scrutiny. Mr. Chastanet should also explain to Saint Lucians what is Mr. Seagal’s qualifications relative to Saint Lucian culture and what benefits have we derived from that appointment.

In the case of Dr. Juffali he has pledged significant resources towards the expansion of the local health sector which will impact positively on the health needs of Saint Lucians, particularly in the area of Diabetic research.

The SLP calls on Mr. Chastanet to contain his desperation and remember that Saint Lucia must always come first.

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