Police Official comments on attempt to set Traffic Cop alight

Police Official comments on attempt to set Traffic Cop alight

A senior Police official has told the Times that an attempt this week to set a Traffic Police Officer alight, coming on the heels of previous recent assaults on members of the Traffic Department, does not mean that members of the Traffic Department are being targeted.

“I think those incidents are Isolated; they are different incidents and it is just unfortunate that the officers were traffic officers at the time,” Inspector Dexter Felix of the Traffic Department told the Times.

Felix told the Times it was fortunate that in all the instances, including the latest one, it was fortunate that Traffic Officers were on the scene.

However he said he was not going to dwell on the latest incident since the matter is under investigation.

“It is unfortunate that someone could have walked up to a Police Officer in uniform and do what he did,” Felix told the Times.

Officer 249 Palmar sustained burns to the hands in the incident which occurred on Bridge Street.

He and other Police Officers who happened to be on patrol in the area gave chase and apprehended the assailant in the William Peter Boulevard.

The man is currently in custody.

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