UWP official claims health sector in worst shape ever

UWP official claims health sector in worst shape ever

The Treasurer of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP), Nancy Charles, has called on Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, to revisit the portfolio of Health Minister, Alvina Reynolds.

Claiming that the health sector is in the worst shape ever, Charles told a news conference today that under Reynolds, there has been an increase in women dying during childbirth at various hospitals.

“Under her Ministry we have had the worst history of health care in Saint Lucia,” the UWP official asserted.

Charles also spoke of “serious conditions” at local health care facilities, including St Jude Hospital in the South of the Island.

According to her, the George Odlum Stadium where the hospital was relocated after a fire in 2009 is now the site of falling debris from the building which could result in injury.

Charles claimed that according to reports, none of the two ambulances at the hospital are currently functioning.

She recalled that after the St Jude Hospital fire there was pressure from the Saint Lucia Labour Party on the then UWP government between 2010 and 2011 to rebuilt and reopen the health care institution.

“We are going into the sixth year and Labour cannot give us a progress report, “ Charles lamented.

She recalled that it was the Prime Minister, when discussing the Commonwealth Games, who indicated that the hospital would not reopen until 2017.





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  1. opps
    December 3, 2015 at 8:57 pm Reply

    You are so correct. Especially St.Judes Things are so bad there even management bullies staff. Things are so bad there most of the good staff have left and more to go. The staff are fed up they want to take action but afraid of repercussions. Staff have to walk around with Hard Hats now. Some departments have no AC due to the fact that no one wants to fix the AC because of where it is located. SOS,MAYDAY,MAYDAY

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