Former SLP candidate accuses his party of lack of appreciation

Former SLP candidate accuses his party of lack of appreciation

Former Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) candidate for Castries South East in 2011 elections, Timothy Mangal, has accused the ruling party of lacking appreciation for some of its long serving members.

Mangal was echoing similar sentiments expressed recently by former SLP MP and former Health Minister, Damian greaves.

“They may look at me as an attacker, but I am merely the messenger,” Mangal declared.

He cited a number of examples to back up his claim of the ruling party’s lack of appreciation, including the situation with former MP for Choiseul, Ferguson John, who was a former government Minister and is the current Vice Chairman of the SLP.

Mangal said:

“Ferguson John has been sick for a while and I know of  his plight. I need to ask the question, has anyone in the executive of the Labour Party shown some sympathy, publicly or privately? Have they visited him? Have they assisted him in any regard?”

Speaking on his own behalf, the former Castries South East Candidate disclosed that he has not been invited to a government function in four years.

“What about the little things, like the respect,” he asked, noting that there are a number of key individuals within the Labour party who shared his concerns.

“The Labour party needs to wake up and smell the coffee,” Mangal, who revealed that he had indicated to the party that he was not interested in running again, asserted.

He warned that while he was merely a messenger, others may decide to vent their frustration in the ballot box.

However he expressed the opinion that there was still time for the ruling party to address their concerns.

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