London Terrorist had ISIS images on his phone

London Terrorist had ISIS images on his phone

The knife-wielding nut accused of  terrorizing a London Underground Station over the weekend kept images of ISIS and its attacks on his phone, prosecutors said Monday.

Suspected terrorists Muhaydin Mire, 29, was hauled to Westminster Magistrates Court in a police van to face an attempted murder charge for his attack.

Prosecutor David Cawthorne called the stabbing “violent, sustained and unprovoked,” and said pictures on Mire’s phone showed he idolized ISIS. Mire stored images related to the terror group, and photos from last month’s Paris attacks, Cawthorne said.

Mire gave no statement in court and is expected to appear again Friday.

He is accused of stabbing two people in east London’s Leytonstone station Saturday night, reportedly shouting, “This is for Syria!”

One victim suffered minor injuries, while another endured five hours of surgery after a severe slash to his throat. One witness said Mire appeared to try beheading that victim who is expected to survive.

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