The Juffali affair –UWP leader asks: Who got what?

The Juffali affair –UWP leader asks: Who got what?

The leader of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP), has questioned whether anyone got anything in the matter concerning Saint Lucia’s Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Saudi billionaire – Doctor Walid Juffali.

Chastanet made it clear he was not making any accusation against anyone, but merely asking the question.

According to him, the Juffali matter has resulted in the name of Saint Lucia being dragged through the mud.

“The Juffali affair is no laughing matter, it is not a joke,” the UWP leader asserted as he addressed a political meeting of the UWP last night in Micoud.

He told party supporters that if the Saudi national had anything to give to Saint Lucia, he would have already done so and the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party would have been bragging about it.

“If the SLP had something good, then we would not have had to read about it in the Telegraph,” Chastanet declared.

He said that the only people who gave were Saint Lucians who facilitated Juffali’s diplomatic immunity to protect his millions in England.

He warned that the ruling Labour Party was taking away from citizens the ability to leave this country.

“Very soon, not even England will give us a visa to travel to that country,” Chastanet told UWP supporters.

He said there was no time to wait on the current administration for another year, telling the crowd that they could take comfort in the knowledge that this coming Christmas will be the last one with a labour administration in power.

During last evening’s meeting, the UWP announced three new candidates.

Dr. Ulric Mondesir, who will be representing Vieux Fort South, will challenge SLP party leader and current prime minister, Dr. Kenny Anthony.


Herod Stanislaus will challenge current MP for Soufriere/Fond St. Jacques constituency, Harold Dalsan.


Peterson Francis will challenge Stanley Felix for Castries Central seat at the next general elections.


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