I am St. Lucian – Meet Sylvester George

I am St. Lucian – Meet Sylvester George

His name is Sylvester George, but he prefers to be called by his assumed name – Banton Cosh. He frankly admits to having spent time in jail for killing a man, whom he says attacked him from behind while he was working as a security guard.

George, 52,  is no stranger to attacks, because some time earlier, another assailant had attacked him near the CDC apartments, resulting in him losing his hand.

According to George, his attacker had accused him of stealing which he denied.

But now, the former prison inmate is living a productive life.

The plot of land on which he has built a make shift residence, has been turned into a kitchen garden with crops of corn, pumpkin and watermelon.


He has even acquired a dog, named Boney.

homeless man dog

George told the Times the crops are both for personal consumption and for sale.

George told the Times that he had received permission from the owner of the property, for whom he had worked as a Security Guard, to occupy it.

He disclosed that the plot was being turned into a dumping ground for garbage.

According to him, the land owner also had to evict a number of vagrants who had taken up residence there.

George disclosed that after cleaning up the plot of land opposite the Morne du Don bus stand on Jeremie street, he build his make shift home and has been living there.

He makes a living by washing buses on the bus stand.

George makes it clear that the “for sale” sign is not an advertisement for the home that he has built, but for the land on which it rests.

Once the land is sold, he told the Times, he will have to move on.



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