Police Prosecutors wanted

Police Prosecutors wanted

The Acting Inspector in charge of the Crown Prosecution Service, Matthias Moncherry, has revealed that there are vacancies for additional Police Prosecutors.

Moncherry spoke this week during the MBC Television programme – Police Insight.

“I will not put my Commissioner on the line here in a public forum, but certainly there is need for additional Police Prosecutors at the Unit,” he said.

“You are looking at persons wanting to take their vacation leave, you are also dealing with natural phenomena and human nature, and sometimes you require more than one Prosecutor in a court,” Moncherry told host Corporal Zachary Hippolyte.

According to him, the system of case management in the courts also requires that there be more Police Prosecutors.

Moncherry observed that there are currently five Police Prosecutors in Vieux Fort, comprising a Sergeant who heads the unit, and four Corporals.

In the North, Moncherry heads the unit which comprises eight others – four Sergeants and four Corporals.

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