St. Lucia Times vindicated in heist story

St. Lucia Times vindicated in heist story

St. Lucia Times has been vindicated in its report, quoting reliable sources, that a female employee of Western Union was arrested last night in connection with a heist this week at the business place.

The story had been challenged by a police official this morning, Wednesday, December 9, who explained that no one had been arrested in connection with the armed robbery.

According to that official, it was normal procedure for the police to invite employees of a business establishment to give evidence and that is what occurred with the female.

However, the official has since confirmed that the female had been arrested and that he had been given wrong information.

This retraction follows St. Lucia Times correctly reporting that over $60,000 was stolen in the robbery.  The police later confirmed that the sum was $61,000.

A spokesman for the Times said:

“We are proud of our record of striving to get it right, rather than get it first, and are confident that the sources we have acquired are extremely reliable.”



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