15 year old charged in alleged Australia terror plot

15 year old charged in alleged Australia terror plot

(CNN)A 15-year-old boy is among five suspects charged with conspiracy to plan a terrorist attack in Sydney following a series of counterterrorism raids across the city, according to Australian officials.

Announcing the charges on Thursday, Australian police said they were becoming increasingly concerned about the growing number of teenagers becoming radicalized in the country.

It’s disturbing that we are continuing to see teenage children in this environment,” said Catherine Burn, NSW Police deputy commissioner for special operations.

“We are charging a 15 year old with a very, very serious offense. This is an offense that has a maximum of life imprisonment. This is concerning not only to us, in law enforcement, this should be concerning to everybody,” she added.

The Australian Federal Police’s (AFP) deputy commissioner for national security, Michael Phelan, said two of the suspects — a 20-year-old man and the teenage boy — had been arrested during Thursday’s raids and later charged with one count each of conspiracy to conduct an act in preparation for a terrorist act. The AFP said that three other men, one aged 21 and two aged 22, were already in custody and faced the same conspiracy charge.

One of the 22-year old men was scheduled to appear before a Sydney local court on Thursday afternoon. The other two men had been refused police bail and are scheduled to appear in court to face the charges on Wednesday, 16 December, according to an AFP statement.

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