Babonneau born woman dies at 105

Babonneau born woman dies at 105

Babonneau born Ulianita Hortensia Iris Henry has died at the age of 105.

She was born on  13th April 1910 in the community of Babonneau to Veronique Stephen and Edison Steven.

Her Mother died age when Uliantia was 11, so her father took her and her siblings to live with another wife where Ulianita  was taken out of school to care for her 4 younger siblings.

She sold ripe bananas and cooked for the British soldiers in 1948.

After the Vigie fort was closed she worked as a cook at the Myers residence on the corner of Victoria and Chaussee roads. After leaving the Myers she became a vegetable farmer.

Ulianita was a single parent of 7 children by the age of 40. After marrying her knight in shining armor on November 20, 1950 at age 40, she had 4 more children with her husband.

One remaining sister, Ivy, Age 95, is currently living in London.

Ulianita migrated to St Croix in 1967 with her husband (he was seeking employment) where she became an entrepreneur exporting goods for sale from both St. Lucia and St Croix.

For the next 30 years her export/import business flourished requiring her to travel frequently between St. Lucia and St Croix. She traveled to London, New York on a Caribbean cruise, Spain, and Florida.

She loved to bake and decorate cakes for all occasions and had a small business doing so before she got married.

She also loved keeping a vegetable garden after retiring back to St Lucia, while her husband kept a flower garden.

Despite chastising her husband for only planting flowers as opposed to food she enjoyed having fresh bouquets in her house daily.

She was soft spoken but firm. She was very generous with food. She taught her children valuable lessons using old sayings, proverbs and verses. She was known to sacrifice whatever she had for not only her children but all those in the community.

She celebrated her 100th birthday on April 13, 2010

She celebrated her 105th birthday on April 13, 2015

She celebrated her 65th wedding anniversary November 20, 2015

She passed away on November 23, 2015

She will be buried on December 12, 2015

She leaves behind:

72 grandchildren

173 great-grand children

53 great-great-grand children

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