No family feud over politics !

No family feud over politics !

The recently announced opposition candidate to contest the Laborie seat in the next elections, Francisco Jn Pierre, whose daughter Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel is a staunch supporter of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), has said that there will be no family feud over politics.

Jn Pierre told the Times that it was unfortunate that his daughter’s name has come into the matter, but asserted that she is a grown up whose affiliation with the Labour party is her choice.

“Maybe her upbringing by me contributed to her being so much involved in the Labour Party because I was a staunch Laborite at some point in time,” he told the Times.

However Jn Pierre made it clear that when it comes to his family, there will be no problems.

“Politics as far as I am concerned, is about service to the people and it is also a science and not the gutter issue that we have made it to be in Saint Lucia,” he declared.

Jn Pierre said that people can be of different political persuasions and co-exist peacefully.

“I know of many husbands and wives who support different political parties and they are together and living peacefully, so at the end of the day we have to learn to accept each other,” the UWP candidate said.

Asked about his chances of winning a seat that has been a Labour party stronghold, Jn Pierre declared that he is confident that things do not remain the same.

He recalled, among other things, that the Berlin wall came crashing down and East and West Germany came together.

“In life this is what history is about,” Jn Pierre asserted.

He said:

“The fact is that history has to be made at some point in time and I am hoping this time around it is will be created.”


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  1. Harold Edwards
    December 13, 2015 at 4:34 am Reply

    My initial view was that this was a bad thing, however I now take the view that this actually demonstrates a level of maturity in our society that family members can support differing political parties and coexist.
    What does concern me is that it is our want to be politicians who are fickle , those who flip from party to party in their quest for power, those who have no political principles, but will change sides based on whether they can get their way or not. Motoute , Mary Isacs , Francis brothers who flipped because their we’re not given seats by the SLP.

  2. anonymous z
    December 14, 2015 at 7:19 am Reply

    So whats about when uwp members will start to say fings on Jadia? Will he jus Stat derr and listen? Or will he say please leave my ‘dotar’ alone.?

  3. Malcolm L'Overture
    December 14, 2015 at 7:38 pm Reply

    The father of the prime minister’s press secretary will now contest the Laborie constituency in next year’s general elections for the United Workers party. How did this come about? You could not make this up, not even if you tried. This is a man who by his own admission supported the Labour party at one time and have now hastily decided to jump ship for no reason other than to ‘create history by winning the seat for the Flambeaus’. Is this man for real? How could he even contemplate such a move to the right after being in cahoots with the left?

    The prime minister’s press secretary have been articulating and extolling the virtues of the government for the past four years. She has been singing their praises from day one and have not stopped rattling on about their achievements in office. Her loyalty and allegiance to the PM and his team are unassailable.She is all over the place promoting and telling us how good her party in office is doing. Now the unthinkable has happened. Oh yes, it has! Her daddy has now decided to throw his labour toys out of the pram and up sticks to join the UWP. He does not seem to give a rat’s nest about how his daughter or his family feel for that matter about this sudden move.

    This man’s behaviour is scandalous and he ought to be brought to book or have the book thrown at him for such a controversial move. He is no doubt in it for himself and nothing else.On one hand you have the daughter convincing the people about how good this government is doing and on the other you have her father throwing it all back in her face by telling the populace something to the contrary.This is embarrassing and deserves nothing but contempt and scorn. He is antipathetic and has no shame.

    How can the people of Laborie and St Lucia for that matter have any respect for a man who behaves so dastardly and despicable?. There is something called family loyalty and families should always stick together no matter what. The bond between a father and daughter is inseparable. Jadia is affable and amiable and the many pictures of her on social media portrays her in a pleasant disposition. One photo especially stands out namely the one where she is being given a piggyback by an extremely desirous male friend on the beach. In the many other photos that are out there, she offers friendliness in these portraits. Her journey to where she is right now wasn’t an easy one. She has had to work very hard to get to where she is at the moment. Things did not come easy for a girl who comes from the South and who speaks the Kwayol language with considerable fluency. Now along comes her dad who is clamouring for his 15 minutes of fame. He just had to put his oar in like someone who feels left out of the proposition.He is helping to undo all the work that his daughter have done in promoting the government. He is standing in direct opposition to his daughter on almost everything she passionately believes in.

    Jadia is now in a precarious situation and will have to choose which side she is on politically speaking. She is privy to everything that is emanating from the PM’s office. Kenny Anthony will have to be on his guard from now on.Betrayal normally comes from where you least expect it. They say the ones closest to you are the ones who are most likely to tell your secrets.Just recently the brother of the chairman of the Labour party moved over to the UWP to become their Central Castries candidate.The many pundits and observers will be asking what is going on in the Labour party. Why are people so close to the political machinery blatantly switching over to the opposition way before an election is called? Any labour supporter would be worried about such moves.Remember back in the 80’s when Neville Cenac crossed the floor from Labour to Flambeau. He did this to shore up Sir John’s flimsy majority.Cenac was of course elected on a Labour ticket and went on to serve as St.Lucia’s foreign minister.

    Labour cannot afford to have people who are prepared to switch allegiances at the drop of a straw hat.Many people will be asking if this man can be so brazen to show up his daughter like that then what else can he do? If you cannot trust people in little things then you should not trust them in potentially big things to come. Jadia is unwell at the moment. According to this report, she was unable to release a statement.Poor thing this must be taking a toll on her health.Anyone in her position would be if you find out that what you have been saying for years is about to be thrown back in your face by your own father. Nobody would be comfortable with this. I do wish her a speedy recovery and hope she gets back to Total wellness soon.

    The leader of the UWP has shown poor and weak leadership by going after anyone who wants to seek refuge in the UWP. He has no idea about how to run a party. I have called for him to be replaced with someone more competent. Someone with a vision and one who is not afraid to bring in reforms to this once proud alliance of ‘Big Beasts’ – There are plenty of sufficiently qualified people from Laborie that could have been called upon to contest the intractable Laborie constituency. This seat has been won by Labour for the past 30 years or so. It’s one of the only safe seats for Labour in the country.The only time this constituency have been under Flambeau’s control was back in the 1980’s when Neville Cenac’s shamefully crossed the floor. Other than this it’s always been a Labour stronghold. It will take a miracle to unseat any Labour MP in Laborie.

    I am beginning to wonder whether this is some kind of a wind-up by the powers that be to deliberately upset the applecart. Why would this man allow himself to be used by De Chastanet and company in this manner? What will happen after the elections when he will be sitting down to lick his wounds? This man has as much chance of becoming the next MP for Laborie as it is for me to become the next king of England. There is no chance of this ever happening as I am not of Anglo-Saxon stock. England will not have a black king in my lifetime.

    The people of Laborie need good representation like everywhere else in St Lucia.They do not want a half-baked convert preaching austerity to them while his daughter preaches the opposite. if it’s good for the goose then it should also be good for the gander. You cannot serve two masters or talk out of both sides of your mouth. You can only do one at a time. The labour party has had some bad deals over the years and this is one too many. The people of this southern town need to step up to the plate and kick this discredited wannabee politician to the kerb.He has brought shame on the Jean Pierre Family and should be carpeted for this.If he truly loves his daughter then he should get out before the going gets hot. Of all the people that Chastanet could have chosen – Why Jadia Jean Pierre’s father?

    Let’s hope that Jadia can forget and forgive him for the shame that he is about to stain her with. For the sake of your daughter and to avoid further embarrassment and humiliation please do the honourable thing and move away from this poison chalice Mr Jean Pierre. Do the decent thing for all parties concerned and that includes your daughter and family.Step Down Now sir!

    Malcolm L’Overture
    Haitian- Lucian
    Berlin Germany

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