Lions bring Christmas cheer

Lions bring Christmas cheer

This year the Lions joined by the Leos on board the Lions train rolled into the community of La Resource on the East coast for our Annual Children’s Christmas Party.


The party was held at the La Resource Combined School (Dennery) for the 125 children ranging from age 5 to 12 who were identified by the Principal. The fun commenced at 2.30 and continued until 5.30 pm. The children had lots of fun with many goodies to share.

The Principal expressed her appreciation for considering her school as the recipient of this party as most of the children would otherwise not have received a gift. As usual we were happy that we were able to bring Christmas Cheer to a group of children whom we know were very appreciative.

group picture after a successful project

The highlight of the party was the appearance of Mrs. Claus. The children were delighted to see Mrs. Claus and were thankful for the gifts that were presented.

Our thanks to the members of the Leo Club for once again collaborating with us on another successful project.

Our thanks to the many corporate entities and individuals who contributed to this activity including Frank B Armstrong, Sunshine Snacks, Sagicor Inc. and our Driver (Bolo). Thanks to the Chairperson and her team, Lions, their friends, colleagues and families for their contribution to this activity.

Once again thanks Lions and Leos for the TEAM effort in another well planned and executed project.


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