European Union urges due process on IMPACS report

European Union urges due process on IMPACS report

The European Union (EU) delegation has urged that due process must be followed, following the March 8, 2015 statement by Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, on the IMPACS report.

In a statement describing Anthony’s address to the nation on the issue as “very important”, the EU delegation observed that without due process, there would be no effective criminal justice system.

The EU delegation statement was issued in agreement with the EU Heads of Mission responsible for Saint Lucia, following their December 1, 2015 meeting in Barbados.

“The EU and its Member States call on those responsible to ensure due process according to the St Lucia criminal law system,” the document said, adding that effective judicial systems are critical for a country’s Human Rights record.

“With much progress achieved on other fronts, it would be regrettable if this issue would undermine St Lucia’s reputation in the international community,” the statement asserted.

EU Support

While reiterating the EU’s support and strong commitment to the development of Saint Lucia recognizing the challenges this country faces as a small and vulnerable Island state, the statement noted that successful growth and development include effective legal systems and criminal justice.

The statement asserted that it is in the full interest of all St Lucians, and of EU visitors and investors, to see this situation move forward.

Said the EU statement:

“The EU and its Member States stand ready to support the country’s endeavours in this critical area, including with assistance under the 11th EDF (European Development Fund) Regional Indicative Program, which has 44 million EUR assigned to programs fighting crime and security. ”



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