Guy Mayers cites EU’s “diplomatic warning” over IMPACS

Guy Mayers cites EU’s “diplomatic warning” over IMPACS

Former National Security Minister, Guy Mayers, has told the Times that the European Union (EU) sent a warning to the Saint Lucia government in a very diplomatic way, in a statement it issued on the IMPACS issue.

“It is for the government to take heed and do the right thing,” Mayers said of the EU statement, which urged that due process be followed following Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony’s address to the nation on the report of the IMPACS investigation.

The investigation was conducted into alleged extra-judicial killings by some members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

According to Mayers, he supports the EU statement which is consistent with what he has been saying.

“I have always said that in Saint Lucia we have a process when there is a suspected extra-judicial killing or anytime there is a police killing a,  coroner’s inquest is started and that is the process that we have,” the former Minister told the Times.

PM’s Address

Mayers recalled that he has said on more than one occasion that Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony handled the IMPACS matter, when he read excerpts from the report of the IMPACS investigation in an address to the nation on March 8, 2015.

He asserted that what Anthony should have done was indicate that he had received the report and passed the document to the DPP for action.

“By him picking and choosing what is in the report and interfering with the process causing damage to the police is irresponsible, and so here we are with the EU expressing concern because they feel that due process is not taking place and they are calling on the government to ensure that it does because it can have an impact on our security and also on foreign investment,” Mayers observed.

Just recently, DPP, Victoria Charles Clarke, said publicly that the IMPACS report did not conform to the laws of Saint Lucia and did not constitute evidence as required under the evidence act.

According to the DPP, who is currently on preretirement leave, the document consisted of opinions, commentary, summaries, recommendations and some serious allegations of some of the gravest offences under our criminal code.

Charles-Clarke disclosed that she had written to the Attorney General on the matter.


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