Outgoing DPP: “My strength comes from God!”

Outgoing DPP: “My strength comes from God!”

Outgoing Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Victoria Charles-Clarke, has said that her job is one in which it is not possible to please everyone.

“If there is a conviction, the defence not satisfied and if there is an acquittal the victims not satisfied. It comes with the territory,” Chares-Clarke said last night during the MBC television programme – Current Affairs, with Journalist, Clinton Reynolds.

“You have to be focussed and know that this is what you are trying to achieve and you move forward with that and you don’t allow the detractors to keep you down,” the DPP told Reynolds.

Charles-Clarke asserted that her strength comes from God.

According to her, she has been through many trials and tribulations and the Almighty has made her victorious.

The DPP recalled that she was raised by her grandmother whom she described as a very strong and remarkable woman.

“She nurtured me with that strength of character and that faith and belief in God and gave me that sense of integrity and honesty to know if I put God first I will succeed,” the DPP said.

The DPP noted that some people are of the opinion that her job requires “testicular fortitude”.

“You must also have the courage of a lion and the grace of God,” she remarked, adding that support from her family was also a factor.

Charles-Clarke is currently on preretirement leave and officially demits office in March next year.


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  1. Anonymous
    December 16, 2015 at 4:13 pm Reply

    Lady you need to find a resting place.. I have told you before that you were lazy and incompetence for the job.

    You complained about how you had so many cases to work with, did you at anytime write the minister asking for special prosecutors because you were aware the job for an assistant was advertises but one was interested in applying.

    If you did them please furnish the letter and the dates.

    You are playing games and playing politics with security of the country.

    My parents and teachers always taught me never count what you have done but do my best to complete all my task.

    You cry wolf on your way out of the office and now you can find all the time to do media interviews with people that do not know what questions to ask you.

    Soft ball questions will not make you look professional.

    I hope the committee that will be hiring a new DPP will find someone that is aggressive and a law alumni to do the job you played with.

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