Father loses two sons to drowning

Father loses two sons to drowning

For Augustus Jean  history repeated itself in a tragic suspected drowning yesterday, Wednesday, December 16, 2015.

That’s when his son, Henson Jean, 42, died during a fishing expedition near Buckeye Saint Lucia at Cul de Sac.

Imbert Tota, a friend of the deceased who was also on the fishing expedition, told the Times that at about 1:30 PM  he was on a rock holding a bucket, while Jean was diving into the water with a spear gun to catch fish.

According to Tota, at one point when Jean failed to resurface, he raised an alarm.

He recalled that employees of Buckeye summoned the Marine Police who recovered his friend’s body.

Henson Jean (photo below), a resident of Deglos, was the father of five children.


The father of the deceased told the Times that about ten years ago, he lost another son to drowning at Pigeon Island beach.


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