Doctor Kenny Anthony accuses Allen Chastanet of desperation

Doctor Kenny Anthony accuses Allen Chastanet of desperation

Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, has described the latest action of UWP leader, Allen Chastanet – to write to a number of unknown organisations, criticising the Citizenship by Investment Programme – as the worst case of desperation, which borders on an act of disloyalty to Saint Lucia and to its people.

The Prime Minister contends that Mr. Chastanet has shown a callousness and disregard for the welfare and interest of Saint Lucians by seeking to destroy a programme that is geared to bring benefits to Saint Lucians at a time when the economy is starting to rebound.

According to Dr. Anthony,

“I am compelled to ask whether Mr. Chastanet is against any progress being made by Saint Lucia? Is he simply anti-Saint Lucian? Or is he finally accepting that Saint Lucians are not responding to his politics of hate and divisiveness? Does the UWP leader believe that by becoming more outrageous and more vicious he will attract more attention?

“If Mr. Chastanet is to be judged by his utterances, it is clear that he is now fast becoming the Donald Trump of Saint Lucian politics.”

The Prime Minister added,

“It is shocking that despite Mr. Chastanet’s party support in Parliament for the CIP, the involvement of representatives of his party on the Task Force that recommended the CIP, he embarks on a continuous and ludicrous attempt to economically sabotage the very country that he yearns to lead. It is time that Chastanet discontinues his unabated stream of attention-seeking untruths and malicious actions.”

The Prime Minister calls on all Saint Lucians to condemn the unpatriotic actions of Mr. Chastanet. Dr. Anthony states that the Government of Saint Lucia believes in Saint Lucia and in the capacity of Saint Lucians to achieve economic progress through hard work. Dr. Anthony concluded:

“I urge all Saint Lucians to disregard and repudiate those actions of Mr. Chastanet, aimed at impeding the island’s economic recovery. Soon enough the public will come to know the real reasons for the actions of Mr. Chastanet.”

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  1. Stranger
    December 18, 2015 at 1:23 pm Reply

    Regardless political sides it looks to me UWP complaining if something is lacking from the goverment on the other hand they criticize if there is an action. It all shows their policy is just object everything.

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