Former CMO says HIV not a judgment

Former CMO says HIV not a judgment

Former Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Doctor Stephen King, has said that HIV infection is not a judgment and has called on Saint Lucians to understand the disease.

“It does not mean that somebody with HIV has a particular lifestyle; it only means they have an infection with a virus that can be managed and they can live a high quality life – essentially a normal life given medical advances,” King declared.

He called on Saint Lucians not to be judgmental of persons living with HIV.

“I think the stigma is related to the fact that many people see HIV as a judgment and people deny themselves access to care by delaying testing and by hiding. That type of behavior not good  for them or anybody in their circle of acquaintances,” King asserted.

The former CMO disclosed that several persons here who are living with HIV have access to care at minimal cost.

He said that affordable treatment was available to everyone, thanks to programmes that have been put in place over the past ten years.

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