Gros Islet gears up for Christmas

Gros Islet gears up for Christmas

Last year’s “Christmas in Gros Islet” festivities were among the best the island had ever experienced in recent memory. It was the brainchild of Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) leader, Therold Prudent, who was inspired to urge the residents of several local communities throughout the constituency of Gros Islet to come together to participate in a wide range of holiday activities reminiscent of an era in St. Lucia when the spirit of Christmas mattered not only to children but also to their parents.

Filled with the desire to revive the celebration of Christmas throughout Gros Islet and to ensure that its sprit was felt among the general populace, Mr. Prudent’s first order of duty was to seek to transform the town of Gros Islet into a “Christmas village.” Permission was then sought and granted to hang a large assortment of holiday flags and other decorations on every lamppost along the entire stretch of Dauphine Street (the main throughway into Gros Islet), and then suddenly, what had at first seemed like an elusive dream had magically taken flight.

This year, “Christmas in Gros Islet” promises to be even bigger than last year’s celebration, as throngs of children and their families prepare once again to gather on Marie Therese Street in Gros Islet to revel in the merriment of the season.

The official launch of “Christmas in Gros Islet” is slated for the evening of Monday, December 21st, 2015, when a planned open-air movie night will feature the Christmas classics The Polar Express with Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell’s ELF. The attendees will be served ginger beer, popcorn, freshly roasted peanuts, and other light refreshments.

These events, which are also expected to draw on the memories of Christmases of old, will include early-morning carolling through the streets of Gros Islet and its environs. On each of these mornings, free coffee and tea will be served outside the LPM headquarters. Other highlights will include a Christmas party for close to 200 children from across the Gros Islet constituency, among others. The other fascinating events slated for this weeklong celebration include the Santa parade, which will feature Santa Claus and his helpers as they distribute hundreds of free chocolates and other holiday confections to residents and other visitors to the community.

The grand finale of “Christmas in Gros Islet” is scheduled for the morning of December 25th on Marie Therese Street. There will be an open-air Christmas breakfast and a free raffle draw, where fabulous prizes will be won.

The following is a calendar of the various events planned for this year’s “Christmas in Gros Islet” festivities. We, therefore, wish to extend a cordial invitation to everyone both near and far and do look forward to seeing you in the “Christmas Village” for a memorable week of celebrations.

Monday, December 21st: Double-header “Big Outdoors Movie Night” featuring The Polar Express and ELF (7pm)

Tuesday, December 22nd: Free outdoor concert followed by a Santa family fun night (7pm)

Wednesday, December 23rd: Combined kiddies’ Christmas party (4pm)

Thursday, December 24th: Santa parade throughout the Streets of Gros Islet, featuring live music (5pm)

Friday, December 25th: Outdoor Christmas breakfast and free raffle draw (8am)

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