Mary Isaac says Doctor Ernest Hilaire is a good contender for Castries South

Mary Isaac says Doctor Ernest Hilaire is a good contender for Castries South

Mary Isaac, the endorsed candidate of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) for the Castries South seat currently held by Education Minister, Doctor Robert Lewis, has said that Doctor Ernest Hilaire is a good contender.

Isaac spoke amid reports that Lewis is about to quit politics to allow Hilaire to seek to retain the seat for the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) the seat in the next general elections.

Lewis himself has been silent on the issue, telling reporters recently that whenever he makes a decision to quit he would let everyone know.

Asked about Doctor Ernest Hilaire’s candidacy, Isaac said:

“Elections are for us to determine  who the people want to represent them and that I think Doctor Hilaire is a good contender; however I  believe that at the end of the day it is who can best represent the people who is on the ground with the people and who understands the peoples issues,”

The former President of the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association told reporters that she believes she understands the issues facing the people and has a plan for them.

“I know that the people want change and the change is with the United Workers Party,” Isaac declared.

Asked of the two – Lewis or Hilaire, who would present a stiffer challenge, Isaac said she did not know.

She asserted that the Castries South constituency has been neglected.

“It is really deprived given the fact that it is so close to Castries and there is still so much poverty, so much deprivation, so that speaks for itself,” Isaac complained.

She said she did not know who or what is the cause of the state of the constituency, but asserted that something must be done about the situation and she intends to do it.

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  1. lala
    December 20, 2015 at 5:23 am Reply

    go for it mary

  2. Anonymous
    December 20, 2015 at 8:08 am Reply

    Mary shut up. Hilaire is a “woof” “woof”. Stay away from this treacherous animal.

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