After post mortem, surviving relatives still looking for answers

After post mortem, surviving relatives still looking for answers

The grieving relatives of suspected drowning victim, Henseen Jean, are still seeking answers days after his death from suspected drowning.

The post mortem examination found that Jean, 42, died from severe pulmonary edema -a condition characterized by an excess of watery fluid collecting in the cavities or tissues of the body.

henseen jean

One relative told the Times that his loved ones are still fighting to come to grips with how a man whom they say was in the best of health, could succumb under such circumstances and apparently become stuck under water.

The relatives also want answers in relation to reports that the body had remained submerged.

One relative told the Times that Jean had not been drinking on Wednesday of last week when he went on a fishing expedition at Cul de Sac near Buckeye Saint Lucia.

The family is awaiting a report from the Marine Police in the hope that it will help clear up the circumstances surrounding Jean’s death.

About ten years ago, the family was plunged into grief when another member, Jean’s brother – Erron Simon Jean, also died by suspected drowning in the month of December.

Ironically, Erron was also on a fishing expedition when he died at Pigeon Island on December 5, 2005.

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    Marcus was accompany with an other guy sitting on the rocks next to buckeye with a bottle of rum..while drinking he said he wants to buy a tv for Xmas …so he wants a big catch to mk the money to buy the tv..when he done drinking he went n drive n never return…he was a good friend…so sad…rip Marcus

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