Salvation Army lauds Saint Lucian generosity

Salvation Army lauds Saint Lucian generosity

The head of the Salvation Army in Saint Lucia, Dwayne Brome, has lauded the generosity of Saint Lucians despite the current economic crisis.

In an exclusive interview with the Times, Broome disclosed that locals have been contributing much to the Salvation Army’s annual kettle appeal.


“I realize this season even the poorest of the poor are digging deep and they have donated to people less fortunate than they are,” he revealed.

“It says to me that Saint Lucians in general have a heart and are considerate of others even they have their own situations, but they realize that someone is worse off than they,” Broome told the Times.

He said the donations to the kettle appeal fund hundreds of food hampers that were distributed Islandwide.

Broome also said that there were two special treats for children.

“We also had a mental wellness treat and we plan to visit the hospital later this year,” he said, adding that the Salvation Army will also have its annual Christmas lunch for the needy.

Broome told the Times that although there was no final tally, he believes public contributions this year to the kettle appeal fund are more than last year.


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